Computer Science

Degrees in computer science offered at UNM


Kyle Beenhouwer

Program advisement coordinator

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The Department of Computer Science graduate program emphasizes fundamentals as stepping stones to truly excellent research. Our department combines strength in traditional computer science with an interdisciplinary view of computation. This unique approach presents our graduates for exciting research careers in academia, industry, and government service.

The graduate curriculum is intended to provide students with knowledge in the areas of computer programming and computer science,  focusing on the basic principles and methodologies of discrete mathematics, problem analysis and algorithmic development, assembly language, high-level programming languages, language design and implementation, operating systems, data structures, analysis of algorithms, computer architecture, and  software engineering. 

Areas of doctoral study include:

  • Artificial life
  • Genetic algorithms
  • Database systems
  • Complexity theory
  • Interactive computer graphics

Students may also specialist in areas of current interest to UNM faculty.

Our faculty members are actively involved in high-profile research projects and are closely connected with several large interdisciplinary centers and national laboratories, such as Sandia and Los Alamos national laboratories, the Santa Fe Institute, and the MIND Research Network. The department also maintains interdisciplinary research programs with the UNM School of Medicine and other UNM colleges, departments and research centers, and also with other universities. 


Semester   Priority for financial aid  Without financial aid
Fall January 15 July 15
Spring August  1 November 15