Help and Advisement

Getting on Track

At UNM, freshmen may be admitted directly into the School of Engineering and take engineering and computer science courses from day one as a general engineering student.

It’s important for students to get on the right track when pursuing engineering or computer science. Contact the advisor in the department of your degree choice at the following link: Engineering Advisement.

Staying on Track

Each semester, engineering academic advisors continue to meet with each student to make sure the student stays on track with classes and meets degree program requirements.

Remember your Departmental Advisor

Your departmental advisor should be the first stop in your academic journey. They are experts in knowing the specific requirements needed for your degree program.

All School of Engineering students must complete curriculum advisement (in person) each semester with an academic advisor. In the academic advisement sessions, students will:

  • Receive help with course selection and schedule balancing
  • Get a thorough explanation of curriculum sheets, selecting electives, choosing a major, obtaining tutoring, etc.
  • Get answers to general questions on academic policies
  • Receive information on engineering departments, student groups, and professional organizations.

All Engineering students have an “advisement hold” placed on their registration during the 12th week of each semester. This hold must be lifted by their advisor before classes are added or dropped.

The role of the academic advisor is to:

  • Monitor the student's courses and grades
  • Recommend alternative courses
  • Assist the student in developing a plan with that leads to admission into a department in the SOE.

The responsibility of the student is to:

  • Read the UNM Catalog and the UNM Schedule of Classes to become familiar with academic policies and procedures
  • Review the curriculum for their specific major
  • Attend all classes consistently
  • Seek assistance from faculty
  • Attend tutoring/study groups weekly
  • Meet with their academic advisor as soon as they encounter difficulty in a class