2017 Alumni Association Zia Award Recipient- Larry Larranaga

August 22, 2017

Larry Larranaga

Larry Larranaga received a bachelor’s of science and master’s of
science in civil engineering from the University of New Mexico. He
was a partner in the Bohannan Huston Consulting Engineering firm for
15 years. Larranaga also served as Deputy Chief Administrative Officer
and Public Works Director for the City of Albuquerque for three years
and served as Cabinet Secretary of Highways for the State of New
Mexico for five years after working for the New Mexico Highway
Department for 15 years. Larranaga served in the Armed Services in
Hawaii and Southeast Asia. He owns and operates a ranching business
in Central New Mexico.

Larranaga has served on numerous boards and commissions appointed by presidents,
governors, mayors, county commissioners and universities. He has served in the New
Mexico House of Representatives since 1994. He presently sits as a member of the
following committees: The House Appropriations and Finance Committee, the House
Agriculture and Water Resources, and the House Rules and Order of Business. In the
Interim Legislative schedule, he sits as a member of the Legislative Finance Committee,
The State Investment and Pensions Committee, the Water and Natural Resources
Committee, The Public School Capital Outlay Committee, and the Redistricting
Committee. Larranaga 's wife, Charletta, is a UNM graduate with a degree in education, and his
daughter Pam Thies is also a graduate in electrical engineering degree from UNM.