Solar Splash team needs your support

March 17, 2017 - Kim Delker

Solar Splash team The University of New Mexico’s Solar Splash team last year placed fourth in its first year competing in the national solar boat competition. Encouraged by their rookie-year performance, the team is energized to take the top spot.

But to make that happen, the team needs additional funds, as the program depends upon donations from people and organizations who believe in the value of education, the importance of alternative energy sources, and a future that is powered by sustainable methods.

Solar Splash is an international intercollegiate solar/electric boat regatta that takes place over five days. This year’s contest will be held June 7-11 in Dayton, Ohio.

The team has benefited from industry support in the past, and sustaining support is now needed. Funds are needed for both materials to construct the boat and its electronic components and travel expenses for the team to make the trek to Ohio.

The team is made up of students in both the mechanical engineering and electrical and computer engineering departments at UNM.

In addition to placing fourth overall last year, the team took second place in slalom and was recognized as the highest-scoring rookie team. They also received a special sportsmanship award for their willingness to help out other teams.

To make a donation, go or contact Courtney Holmes at (505) 277-0664 or