SOE Bike Desk

What is a bike desk?

SOE has a bike desk from UNM Employee Wellness! The bike desk is in the Dean’s suite, in the back behind a partition so those who use it will have a bit of privacy. Employee Wellness loans these units out to promote movement of our employees throughout the day.

photo of the SOE employee bike desk workstation

To use the bike desk:

  • You and your supervisor fill out and sign the attached use agreement and send it to before you ride
  • Book your time on the bike desk via Outlook.
    • We have a calendar for the bike at
    • You can book a maximum of 30 minutes per visit
    • Use Outlook’s Scheduling Assistant to help book your session. See this vid if you need help with Scheduling Assistant:
  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday bookings are available right now due to reduced staffing.
  • Show up to suite 3071 in the Centennial Engineering Center (Dean’s suite) and check in with Jaime for contact tracing!
  • Sign the log at the bike desk.
  • Enjoy your ride! (quietly!)

Why use the bike desk?

Who wants to sit all day! (make text clickable to article:

If you need more scientific reading on why you should take a break and ride. 

It’s a great alternative for a break when the weather is bad!

One more article if you think there’s nothing wrong with sitting at your desk longer!

If you have any suggestions on how to make the bike desk better for SOE faculty and staff, please let me know at!