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Room 327
Farris Engineering Center
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MSC01 1130
1 University of New Mexico
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Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science

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Department of Biology

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PhD, Biology, University of New Mexico, 2005

BS, Symbolic Systems, Stanford University, 1993


We live in a complex world. From the spread of disease in increasingly interconnected human populations to the impact of fossil-fueled economies on global climate, the greatest challenges in modern science and engineering require understanding complex systems, what makes them efficient and resilient, and why they fail. The Moses lab studies complex biological systems including the adaptive immune system and ant colonies. Dr. Moses uses this understanding to design efficient, robust, adaptive and scalable engineered systems, including autonomous robots that mimic ant behaviors to collect resources cooperatively.

Teaching Interests

  • Complex Adaptive Systems
  • Biological Modeling
  • Biologically Inspired Computation

Research Interests

  • Immune system modeling
  • Swarm Robotics
  • Collective foraging behaviors in ants

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