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Summer Transportation Institute

Designing bridges, evaluating traffic patterns, and building solar cars are just a few of the projects high school juniors and seniors work on in the Summer Transportation Institute (STI).

STI builds awareness about the career opportunities in the transportation field, many of which are related to engineering.  About 20 students from around the state attend the free, three-week, residential program, which includes research, classes, and field trips to transportation sites around Albuquerque. About half of the students that participate in STI enroll at UNM.

Melissa Segay, a sophomore in civil engineering, participated in STI for two years. She says living on campus in the summer taught her valuable lessons in independence. But, more importantly, the experience shaped decisions about her future. “I learned that I wanted to be an engineer,” says Segay. “It made me dip my toes in the water, especially with projects like bridge building and solar car assembly.

Summer Transportation Institute  

Who: 10th-11thGrade High School Students
When: June 4-30, 2017
Cost: Free
Contact: Katherine Love,, (505) 277-9921

2017 program dates:

June 4-30 (residential)

June 4-July 7 STI-UNITE PRogram (commuter).

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The objective of this three-week residential camp for rising 10th-11th graders is to offer participants an opportunity to explore careers available in the transportation industry and provide pre-college skills to pursue higher education degrees. The program is free of charge and is supported by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Program activities include:

1) Field trips to transportation related sites
2) Projects that promote hands-on learning, critical thinking and team building
3) Guest speakers who will discuss their work and opportunities in their field
4) Courses that will enhance participant knowledge in English, mathematics and computer skills
5) Recreational and social activities during the evening and on weekends

Selection criteria:

1) Students must be enrolled in a recognized secondary school
2) Students must be a sophomore or junior advancing into their junior or senior year

3) Having a grade point average of 3.0 will be considered favorably (2.0 GPA minimum)

4) Must be committed to completing the entire program