Chemical and Biological Engineering

Degrees in Chemical Engineering offered at UNM


Advisor for Chemical and Biological Engineering  Programs
Sarah Dominguez

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering


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The Department of Chemical Engineering graduate programs provide in-depth study in chemical, biological, and materials engineering, including in these areas:

  • Nano - and biomaterials synthesis
  • Ceramics Bioanalytical micro- and nanosystems
  • Tissue engineering
  • Catalysis
  • Fuel cells
  • Optoelectronics materials
  • Interficial and transport phenomenon

Chemical engineers play key roles in a variety of industries, such as petroleum, food, pharmaceuticals, artificial fibers, petrochemicals, plastics, and ceramics. In addition, many chemical engineers also work in the areas of environmental protection and remediation, process safety, and hazardous waste material.

Graduate Programs

Our graduate programs provide students with a high-quality graduate education where faculty and students work closely together in creative, challenging and innovative research projects.

The department offers academic programs leading to:

  • Master of science in chemical engineering (choose between thesis or non-thesis option)
  • Doctor of philosophy in engineering with a chemical engineering concentration

Depending upon a student’s background, ChNE 311 (Introduction to Transport Phenomena and ChNE 461 (Chemical Reactor Engineering), or other courses may be required.


Semester Priority Deadline Final Deadline
Fall January 15 July 15 (Domestic)
March 1 (International)
Spring July 15 November 10 (Domestic)
August 1 (International)
Summer April 29 (Domestic) April 29 (Domestic)
January 1 (International) January 1 (International)