Nuclear Engineering

Degrees in nuclear engineering offered at UNM


Faculty advisor for nuclear engineering graduate programs
Dr. Anil Prinja
Department chair

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering


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The nuclear engineering graduate program within the Department of Chemical Engineering provides in-depth study in a rapidly-evolving field, which requires engineers with an understanding of physical processes of nuclear energy and an ability to apply concepts in new and creative ways.

Research areas include a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Nuclear criticality safety
  • Radiation transport
  • Reactor theory
  • Fusion energy
  • Space nuclear power
  • Accelerator physics and engineering
  • Charged particle transport
  • Nuclear nonproliferation
  • Medical physics topics such as diagnostic radiology

Nuclear engineers are primarily concerned with the control, monitoring, and the use of energy released in nuclear processes. Nuclear engineers work on the design and safety aspects of environmentally sound nuclear fusion systems, developing future energy solutions, reliable nuclear energy sources, and applications for radioisotopes such as the treatment and diagnosis of disease, food preservation, manufacturing development, processing and quality control, and biological and mechanical process tracers. 

Graduate Programs

 Our graduate programs provide students with a high-quality graduate education where faculty and students work closely together in creative, challenging and innovative research projects.

The department offers academic programs leading to:

  • Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering with concentrations in medical  physics or radiation protection engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Nuclear Engineering 

Depending upon a student’s background, some courses in nuclear engineering may be required before pursuing graduate study.

Program Application Deadlines
Fall: January 7 Priority for assistantship
March 1 International students
July 15 Domestic students
Spring: July 15 Priority for assistantship
August 1 International students
November 10 Domestic students
Summer: January 1 International students
April 29 Domestic students