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Venture for Racing Excellence


The Venture for Racing Excellence, a new initiative at The University of New Mexico School of Engineering, has been established to raise funds to upgrade and improve the popular Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE) program and is now actively seeking donations.

WHAT IS THE VENTURE FOR RACING EXCELLENCE? Our students have amazing skills and talents, but the cramped and dingy facilities they work in in our Mechanical Engineering Building often limit their ability to achieve true greatness. As a result, we are seeking donor funding for an ambitious project to revamp and enhance our FSAE program space and facilities. Your support is needed for the many phases of this exciting venture. Our main goals are to acquire the latest technology/equipment/facilities for our students to design/build/race, with the overall vision of becoming a top 10 public university FSAE program in the country, as well as to attract and retain more top students and faculty to UNM.


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Lobo MotorSports

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