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Design/Build/Race & Outreach

FSAE students helping studentsOur students are community leaders and role models.  The FSAE program does extensive work in the area of STEM. Having a very visible product it is a natural draw to students interested in engineering.  The program is called upon regularly by both UNM and the School of Engineering to be an integral part of K-12 tours of UNM. Many students have come to UNM just for this program. Even if they don’t end up in the program they generally will have chosen an engineering program.

The program also conducts a two-week long class in engineering with the two 5th grade classes at Monte Vista Elementary School. This often is a student’s first encounter in understanding the difference in science and engineering.  The program is part of the "A World in Motion" program, funded by the SAE Foundation. The goal of the national program is to bring the STEM disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and math to life in K-12 classrooms. The program uses the laws of physics, motion, flight, and electronics as the basis for age-appropriate, hands-on activities that reinforce what students are learning about math and science. FSAE students have worked on the "A World in Motion" project at Monte Vista for about a decade.  Read more here. 

student with young child