Convocation Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the School of Engineering Convocation

Can I go to UNM Commencement and SOE Convocation?
Yes! We always book the School of Engineering Convocation at a separate time so graduates can attend the University Commencement if they wish.

Do I need to sign up to attend?
Yes, and when you sign up you will have the option to sign up for the University Commencement and/or Engineering Convocation. You can sign up at

What time do I need to be there?
You should show up 30-45 minutes prior to the ceremony start time. You’ll need this time to check-in and get your name card, and then line up for the procession of graduates. Your guests will also need this time to find the best seats and be ready to cheer you on!

Who will hood me (master’s or PhD only)?
Generally, your MS or PhD advisor will hood you, but you must ask them. If you don’t have an advisor, you can either ask your favorite faculty member, or have the chair of your department hood you.

How long is the ceremony?
The ceremony lasts on average one and a half hours. Following the ceremony, there will be receptions as well, so you may want to allow extra time for the ceremony and the reception.

How many guests can I invite?
Unless you see a restriction on our website, there is no limit to the number of guests you may invite.

Where can I park?
This depends on where we’re having our ceremony. Check our website for specifics at

Do I have to wear cap and gown?
No! But it is encouraged, and the majority of our graduates do buy and wear their cap and gown. If you choose to wear civilian clothes, please make sure they are nice. You can purchase your cap and gown from the UNM Bookstore. Make sure to attend the Graduation Fair at the UNM Bookstore for information on photos, class rings and invitations as well!

What if I’m graduating in the summer?
If you’re graduating in the summer, you’re welcome to participate in the Engineering Convocation either in Spring, before you graduate, or in the Fall, after you graduate. Just make sure to talk to your departmental advisor about it so they can make sure your name appears in the program!

Can I get extra copies of the program from the ceremony?
Yes! We put a digital copy of our program online so you can save it and send it to whomever you like! You’ll be able to pick up hard copies at the event.

When will I receive my actual diploma?
Your diploma is created by the University Registrar’s office once all of your final semester grades are in and your degree is certified. For Fall graduates, you can generally expect your diploma to come in the mail mid-February. Spring graduates can expect theirs mid-July. For additional information, see:

What about photos of the event?
We will have a professional photographer at the event, Gradimages. They will take a few photos of you during the event, and will email you when they are ready to preview and buy.