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UNM Engineering Dean Elected Vice Chair of National Board of Engineering Deans

March 24, 2009

Joseph L. Cecchi, Dean of the UNM School of Engineering, has been elected by his national peers to a two-year term as Vice Chair of the Engineering Deans Council Executive Board.  He had previously been elected to 2 two-year terms as a Director on the Executive Board. 

The Engineering Deans Council (EDC) is the leadership organization of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), a non-profit organization of 10,000+ members from the academic, government, and industrial engineering communities dedicated to the support of engineering and engineering technology education. The EDC includes more than 300 deans of engineering across the United States.  The objectives of the EDC are to assess and recommend policies affecting the administration of engineering colleges, to provide a forum for discussion of issues and experiences in engineering colleges, and to speak on policy issues on behalf of member engineering colleges to the engineering community and the federal government.

The nine-member Executive Board serves as the governing body of the EDC. The Vice Chair is also the EDC Chair-elect.  In addition to serving on the EDC Executive Board, Dean Cecchi is a member of the EDC Public Policy Committee, which organizes an annual colloquium in Washington, D.C. to facilitate communications between engineering deans and key public policy makers and federal legislators on engineering education and research issues.