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Distinguished Professor of Computer Science Kapur to Receive Herbrand Award

June 29, 2009

kapurDistinguished Professor of Computer Science Deepak Kapur will be presented the Herbrand Award at the 22nd International Conference on Automated Deduction in August. The award is given to honor individuals for exceptional contributions to the field of automated deduction.

Photo: Distinguished Professor of Computer Science Deepak Kapur

The goal of automated deduction research is to develop computer software systems that use formal logical reasoning to solve problems coming from a wide variety of application domains. Typical applications include proving theorems in mathematics and logic and the design and verification of hardware and software systems.

The award recognizes Kapur's seminal contributions to several areas of automated deduction including inductive theorem proving, geometry theorem proving, term rewriting, unification theory, integration and combination of decision procedures, lemma and loop invariant generation, and his work in computer algebra, which helped to bridge the gap between the two areas. Deduction systems developed by Kapur include GeoMeter, for algebraic and geometric reasoning and Rewrite Rule Laboratory (RRL) for equational and inductive reasoning.

"Professor Kapur joins the ranks of the most distinguished names in computer science in receiving this award," said Stephanie Forrest, chair, computer sciences. We are delighted that his many accomplishments in the field of automated reasoning have been recognized with this prestigious award. We are fortunate to have such a distinguished scientist here at UNM."

Kapur came to UNM in 1999 as chair of the department. He served as editor-in-chief for the Journal of Automated Reasoning, the premier journal in the area of automated deduction from 1993-2007. Kapur received his Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.