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UNM School of Engineering Research Addresses NAE Grand Challenges

October 27, 2011

ises-teamAt the request of the National Science Foundation, the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) assembled a panel of experts to identify the grand challenges of engineering in the 21st century.

With input from around the world, the panel identified the following 14 challenges in 2008: make solar energy economical, provide energy from fusion, provide access to clean water, reverse‑engineer the brain, advance personalized learning, develop carbon sequestration methods, engineer the tools of scientific discovery, restore and improve urban infrastructure, advance health informatics, prevent nuclear terror, engineer better medicines, enhance virtual 
reality, manage the nitrogen cycle, and secure cyberspace.

Some of these problems are being addressed by the work of UNM engineers and scientists as illustrated by the work of the Integrated Sustainable Energy Systems Laboratory of the Mechanical Engineering Department at:

Pictured above are some of the ISES team: School of Engineering Professors Olga Lavrova, Andrea Mammoli and Svetlana Poroseva with PhD student Birk Jones.

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For more information on the grand challenges see