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BME Weekly Seminar Series

August 24, 2012

BME Weekly Seminar Series

cbme8/24/2012 – The UNM Center for Biomedical Engineering conducts a regular series of Biomedical Engineering seminars with a mix of internal and external speakers covering a range of biomedical topics at 4 PM on Wednesday afternoons.

One of the goals of the seminars is to help build a broad interactive community of researchers interested in biomedical engineering topics.

Windows onto human brain dynamics: EEG-fMRI integration and frequency tagging

Presented by David Bridwell, Ph.D.

Medical Image Analysis Laboratory
Mind Research Network

Albuquerque, NM

Differences in cognition and perception are thought to emerge from differences in the dynamic activity of functional brain networks. These brain networks exist over a broad range of spatial and temporal scales and the subset of networks identified in a given study depends on the constraints of the imaging modalities used. The correspondence between intrinsic fMRI and EEG networks is examined in the first part of this talk using group independent component analysis (group ICA) and deconvolution of the source time courses. The linked EEG-fMRI networks provide an improved spatiotemporal characterization of human brain dynamics. The second part of the talk will examine the advantages of the frequency tagging approach in EEG. The approach entails presenting an oscillating visual input and isolating the “output” cortical response, indicated by EEG responses that entrain to the input frequency. Our findings demonstrate an input frequency that targets brain networks that appear to be involved in enhancing visual features and another input frequency that targets brain networks involved in suppressing or ignoring visual features. The findings demonstrate that different input frequencies can target distinct brain networks with functionally distinct properties.

Date: Wednesday, November 28th, 2012
Time: 4:00 p.m.
Place: Centennial Engineering Center Auditorium (Room 1041)

This seminar is sponsored by the UNM Center for Biomedical Engineering. Parking and other information is at