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School of Engineering celebrates outstanding students, faculty and staff on May 4

April 27, 2017 - By Kim Delker

In addition to 24 student awards (Outstanding Sophomore, Outstanding Junior, Outstanding Senior, and Outstanding Graduate Student from each department), there will be one student leadership award given by Minority Engineering Programs, five faculty, and three staff awards.

The award winners are listed below and can also be found in the program online:
Outstanding Faculty Awards
Junior Faculty Teaching Excellence — Asal Naseri, Mechanical Engineering

Junior Faculty Teaching Excellence — Vanessa Valentin, Civil Engineering
Senior Faculty Teaching Excellence — Ganesh Balakrishnan, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Junior Faculty Research Excellence — Jose Cerrato, Civil Engineering

Senior Faculty Research Excellence — Edl Schamiloglu, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Outstanding Staff Awards
Kyle Beenhouwer – Computer Science
Reiner Martens – Electrical and Computer Engineering
Marcus Panozzo – Civil Engineering
Outstanding Student Awards
Minority Engineering Programs
Leadership Award – Josefine D. McBrayer
Chemical and Biological Engineering
Outstanding Sophomore – Esmeralda Arreguin-Martinez
Outstanding Junior — Maria Kelly
Outstanding Senior — Bram R. Hunt
Outstanding Graduate Student — Omar K. Abudayyeh
Civil Engineering
Outstanding Sophomore – Cody Powell
Outstanding Junior — Claudia Jimenez Arellano
Outstanding Senior — Jared Romero
Outstanding Graduate Student — Amirhosein Jafari
Computer Science
Outstanding Sophomore – Anna Carey
Outstanding Junior — Sahba Tashakkori
Outstanding Senior — David Ringo
Outstanding Graduate Student — Amanda Minnich
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Outstanding Sophomore – Kevin Barnette
Outstanding Junior — Benjamin Reichelt
Outstanding Senior — Christopher Zapotocky
Outstanding Graduate Student — Wenjing Liu
Mechanical Engineering
Outstanding Sophomore – Daniel Davis
Outstanding Junior — Nicholas Torres
Outstanding Senior — Terese Martinez
Outstanding Graduate Student — Isaac Klickstein
Nuclear Engineering
Outstanding Sophomore – Benjamin R. Murphy
Outstanding Junior — Carly Romnes
Outstanding Senior — Colin Weaver
Outstanding Graduate Student — Jedediah Styron