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Descartes Labs visits School of Engineering

December 8, 2017 - By Kim Delker

Descartes2Several School of Engineering faculty made pitches, touting their research, to officials at Descartes Labs, on Dec. 5 during a “Working with Descartes Labs” session in the Centennial Engineering Center Stamm Room.

Santa Fe-based Descartes Labs was selected one of the 25 Most Disruptive Companies of 2017 by Inc. magazine. Officials there are looking for partnerships in the areas of geography, remote sensing, natural resources, software systems, civil engineering, Internet of things, drone data gathering, meteorology, artificial intelligence, computer vision, big data, and image processing.

Faculty from the School who presented were Patrick Bridges (Computer Science), Sudharman Jayaweera (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Marek Osinski (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Ravi Jain (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Michael Devetsikiotis (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Eirini Tsiropoulou (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Rafael Fierro (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Matthew Fricke (Computer Science), Fernando Moreu (Civil Engineering), and Lance Williams (Computer Science).

The visit was organized by Edl Schamiloglu, associate dean for research in the School of Engineering and Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering.