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UNM online engineering master’s programs ranked by ‘U.S. News & World Report’

January 14, 2020 - by Kim Delker

Online master’s degree programs offered by The University of New Mexico School of Engineering have been ranked among the best in the nation, according to a survey released today (Jan. 14) by U.S. News & World Report.

The School of Engineering’s online graduate programs ranked No. 53 in the nation in the 2020 Best Online Programs survey. That was up from No. 68 in 2019.

The School of Engineering has established several all-online graduate degree programs the last several years:

  • The master of construction management program, which has been offered for several years through a combination of online and in-person courses, switched to an all-online format in 2016. The program, which is managed out of the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering, combines business management skills specifically focused on the construction industry. Courses focus on safety, law, construction documents, equipment, LEED standards and other topics of interest to working professionals in the construction industry.
  • The Internet of Things computer engineering master’s degree program focuses on the growing area of Internet of Things, which is a collection of physical devices that contain embedded electronics, software, sensors and networking capabilities. These devices collect and exchange data on a massive scale, making it possible to use a smartphone to turn on your lights or your dryer at home, for instance. The program offers courses in subjects such as machine learning, digital signal processing, cybersecurity and cloud computing.
  • The master’s in space systems engineering offers two tracks, one leading to a master’s degree in electrical engineering and one to a master’s in mechanical engineering. The degree programs were developed with careers in mind, with input from the Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles Directorate, based in Albuquerque, to provide graduates with the advanced skills to further their career in the space systems industry.

Those interested in learning more about UNM’s online programs can visit

Though the UNM engineering online programs are relatively new, they have already garnered several national rankings, including No. 1 in the nation for most affordable online master’s program in computer engineering from OnlineU (2019); No. 22 in the nation for online computer engineering programs by Best Computer Science Schools (2017); and one of the nation’s best online master’s degree programs in construction management by (2019).

For the U.S. News online program rankings, schools were judged on several factors:

  • Engagement, or the extent to which a degree program uses strong online teaching practices so students stay enrolled and graduate in reasonable time
  • Services and technologies, focusing on how programs incorporate diverse technologies to allow for students to more flexibly complete their coursework at a distance as well as the quality of student support services, career guidance and financial aid resources
  • Faculty credentials and training, measuring the degree to which online instructors’ credentials mirror those of on-campus faculty, as well as effectiveness of the resources utilized to train instructors to teach distance learners
  • Expert opinions from surveys of high-ranking academic officials
  • Student excellence, or the extent to which students who enter an online program have proven aptitudes, ambitions and accomplishments that enable them to handle the rigors of online learning.