About Us

Graduates and Professor

The University of New Mexico School of Engineering combines excellence in academic programs with research that addresses global challenges, a commitment to help students succeed, and a thriving culture of innovation that contributes to local and national economic development.

World-Class, Research-Intensive Education

The UNM School of Engineering offers undergraduate and graduate programs in engineering, computer science through our academic departments and a number of interdisciplinary fields through programs with other schools at UNM.

Degree programs

Biomedical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Computer Engineering

Computer Science

Construction Engineering

Construction Management

Electrical Engineering

Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media

Manufacturing Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Nanoscience and Microsystems

Nuclear Engineering

Optical Science and Engineering

Enrollment and Student Success

Undergraduate students receive academic advisement, professional development advice, and community building experiences through Engineering Student Services.

Cutting-Edge Research

Faculty and students at UNM Engineering are engaged in interdisciplinary, cutting-edge and relevant research with an exceptionally high level of external research support.

Faculty and students are engaged in research collaborations and strategic partnerships with the national labs, government agencies, industry, and academic institutions worldwide.