Base-Plus Compensation Guidelines

  1. Meet with your departmental or research center accountant about your available funds for the "plus" portion of this model. Have the accountant give you something showing you can afford to participate for the full academic year (minimum participation time per the guidelines), such as projections/forecasts of the accounts you wish to charge. (Note that 10% plus funding is all that will be approved for the pilot during FY19.)
  2. Take the materials you receive from your accountant to a meeting with your department chair.
  3. If your chair approves of you participating in the Base Plus model, the chair must then send an email to April Davidson and the dean ( and stating that they approve participation. (Note per the guidelines if your chair denies your participation you may appeal to the dean.)
  4. Then let your accountant and department administrator know you’re approved so they can submit the required paperwork.

See this document for additional information.