Mission, Vision, and Goals

Our Mission

The mission of The University of New Mexico School of Engineering is to educate students in engineering and computer science to contribute to the social, technological, and economic development of our state, nation, and global community. We offer a superior education in engineering and computer science in an environment that fosters teamwork, cultural and intellectual diversity, a strong sense of public responsibility, and lifelong learning.

Our Vision

The University of New Mexico School of Engineering offers broad access to high-quality research-based education by:

  • Creating and communicating knowledge through outstanding educational programs that promote learning by uniting teaching and research,
  • Recognizing and utilizing cultural and intellectual diversity as creative forces that underlie and enable excellence in engineering and computer science, and
  • Stimulating and engaging the School’s programs to advance economic development and address critical technological challenges for New Mexico, the nation, and the global economy.

The forward-looking integration of these elements will place the School among the nation’s leading comprehensive public engineering colleges.

School Goals

Goal 1: Faculty and student growth

Goal 2: Increase visibility and raise national rankings

Goal 3: Capital campaign and fundraising

Goal 4: Enhance our partnerships with national labs and industry

Goal 5: Create an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive and maximize their talents