Incoming Freshman Scholarships

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All incoming freshman are strongly encouraged to submit a scholarship application along with the UNM Admission application. By submitting a single application, students will be considered for a number of scholarships.

In addition, students are strongly encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the priority deadline of March 1st every year. The University of New Mexico School code is 002663.

Incoming Freshman Scholarship Program

Priority Deadline: February 1 (Open to incoming freshmen only/current High School Seniors)

General SOE Deadline: June 1 (Open to all students admitted to SOE by June)

The University of New Mexico School of Engineering (SOE) offers a variety of scholarships to incoming freshmen (current high school seniors) through its Incoming Freshman Scholarship Program. These scholarships usually supplement any other general scholarship received at the university level (e.g. Lottery, Regents, Presidential, Amigo, UNM Scholars, etc). All incoming freshman are encouraged to apply for the general UNM scholarships prior to applying for the SOE scholarships.

Although not required at the time of application for this scholarship, in order to be considered eligible to compete for a SOE scholarship, students must be admitted into UNM and the UNM SOE by the time of the scholarship selection. Incoming freshman scholarship applications from students already admitted at UNM will automatically be considered for SOE admission, as part of the SOE scholarship selection process. Scholarship applications from students not eligible for admission into the SOE will be placed on hold until admission to SOE is granted and will be reviewed once again, prior to the June SOE general scholarship competition.

Each scholarship has specific eligibility requirements which vary according to the funding sources. Although there are some merit-based scholarships available, there are a large number of need-based scholarships and we highly recommend all students to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You can submit a FAFSA online at: UNM's federal aid school code is 002663.

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Raymond E. Plotkin Scholarship

The Raymond E. Plotkin Scholarship deadline is September 15th.

This $1,000 scholarship was created by the parents, extended family, friends and fellow peers of Raymond Evan Plotkin to honor his life, his very positive relationship with The University of New Mexico and his potential interest in pursuing a career related to Nuclear Engineering.

Download Raymond E. Plotkin Engineering Scholarship for Incoming Freshman form pdf icon

Selection Timeline

Incoming Freshman Scholarships
General SOE Scholarships

Application Postmark Deadline

February 1 of your HS senior year

June 1 of your HS graduation year

Application Processing and Selection

February-April after submission

June-August after submission

Award Notification

By April 30 of your HS senior year

By August 31 of your first semester