Career Development Programs

Making Sense of the Dollars

Through seed funding from the National Science Foundation, ESS coordinates career development programs that include internships, mentoring, and conference travel support. Students receive hands-on training, industry knowledge, and practical experience.

In the mentoring program, students meet with faculty and peer mentors in small groups to learn about their department and share career interests.

Internships allow students to get paid while working with UNM faculty or at local high tech companies, engineering firms, national labs, and state agencies.

UNM Engineering has an internship coordinator who guides students through the process and helps them find opportunities. Here are a few of the projects UNM Engineering interns have worked on: 

  • Researching less expensive ways to desalinate water
  • Solving software issues on an industrial robot arm
  • Improving computer security and electronic privacy

To learn more about career development programs offered by the UNM School of Engineering, contact Kelly Cockrell at 505-277-7208 or