Research Experiences for Teachers

CHTM Researcher

The UNM School of Engineering outreach team offers tours of labs to teachers, assists with science fairs, and visits classrooms around the state with demonstrations that supplement teachers’ science curricula.

The program offers support for elementary through high school teachers so they can better prepare their students.

The newest effort is the Research Experience for Teachers (RET) funded by a three-year grant from the National Science Foundation. It brings elementary and high school teachers to UNM for a six-week summer program where they partner with faculty on ERC research projects.

Research Areas

(Professors may change specific topics)

Photovoltaics and Solar
Growing solar cells using epitaxial technology
Light trapping for solar cells
Collection of solar data and correlation with cloud patterns

Fuel Cells
Hierarchically structured fuel-cell electrocatalysts
Catalysis for fuel cells and catalytic convertors

Coatings development for marine & hydrokinetic technology

Nuclear Power
Characterization of the natural materials in areas considered to contain Technologically-Enhanced, Naturally-Occurring Radioactive Materials (e.g., from uranium mining, sewage sludge treatment, or exposure in ores, soils, and water)
Opportunities for Learning about Managing Tritium in Molten Salt Reactor Technology

Development of downhole instrument for measuring in geothermal wells

Development of lithium ion battery cathode nanomaterials

Electric Grid
Analytical prediction of cascading failures in smart grids (math/computer skill preferred)

Smart Lighting
Development of characterization tools for high- efficiency solid-state lighting
Visible light communication – e.g., using light to transfer data or make a smart room

Energy Harvesting
Flexible materials for generating electricity from body heat

Computer simulations of nanomanufacturing processes (math/computer skill required)
Nanolithography for nanomanufacturing batteries, memory and other devices

Letter of Recommendation from a teacher, coach or principal familiar with your STEM teaching
Letter from your principal allowing time for preparing and implementing your lesson plan and disseminating it to other teachers
STEM lesson plan that you think shows students engaging in a STEM practice from NGSS or Common Core
Statement of Purpose: How do you expect this experience will enrich your STEM teaching? What do you hope to derive from this experience? What are you most curious about regarding engineering research?
Please scan and send electronically to Stefi Weisburd at Letters of recommendation should be sent separately.


For more information, contact Stefi Weisburd, Outreach Manager, at

Phone: (505) 272-7971 or ( 505) 277-5062.