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Professor Receives Award from Japan Photochemistry Association

November 9, 2009

Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Research Professor David G. Whitten has received a special award from the Japan Photochemistry Association for basic and applied research in photo chemistry. Whitten says this professional organization has a large membership in part because Japan has more photo chemists than the United States.

The special award is not given every year. It is the highest award the association can bestow. Whitten says he has worked for decades with colleagues at Tokyo Metropolitan University and Kyoto University and has recently worked as a visiting professor at Osaka University.

In the 1990’s Whitten was the founding director of a National Science Foundation Institute of Science and Technology for Photoinduced Charge Transfer Center in Rochester, New York and sent several students to study in Japan. He has also done research into an area of photochemical reactions that has potential in the energy areas, something of great interest to the Japanese professional community.