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FSAE Race Car Program Reinstated

December 1, 2009

Students can register for the 2011 FSAE race car program during the coming spring 2010 semester. The program had been placed temporarily on hold, but a re-evaluation of financial resources will allow it to continue.

Dean of the School of Engineering Arup Maji said, “I am optimistic that given the value of hands-on design experiences, we will be able to engage all internal and external stakeholders and keep such programs viable in the future.”

The program had been in jeopardy because UNM was finding it difficult to find the money to cover the $70,000 cost of the program. UNM’s program covers three semesters and is more extensive than the programs used by other schools.

“I’m just happy for the students,” said Professor John Russell. “This allows for the continuation of the program next year and gives us more time to address the long-term future of the program.”

FSAE students worked hard to save the program, which allows undergraduate mechanical engineering students to design, build and race a formula one race car as their senior project.

The program has had great success in placing graduates in jobs after graduation. Russell says the program focuses on a team approach to building the car and students find the experience of performing as part of a team particularly useful as they move into industry jobs after graduation.