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2018 STC.UNM Innovation Awards Dinner will honor inventors and Innovation Fellows

April 5, 2018 - By Denise Bissell, STC.UNM

STC.UNM will host its 15th annual Innovation Awards Dinner on April 12 from 5-7:30 p.m. at The University of New Mexico Student Union Building Ballrooms B & C.

The event will honor 63 faculty, staff and students who have received issued U.S. patents, trademarks and registered copyrights within the past year. The 2018 STC.UNM Innovation Fellow Award will also be presented to Sang M. Han, Regents Professor in the departments of Chemical and Biological Engineering, and Electrical and Computer Engineering, who will be recognized for his achievements as an outstanding UNM inventor.

Also recognized will be UNM Distinguished Professors Cheryl L. Willman and Plamen Atanassov, who have been named 2017 Fellows of the National Academy of Inventors. This national honor recognizes academic inventors who have demonstrated a highly prolific spirit of innovation.

David S. Joseph, co-founder and CEO of Avisa Pharma Inc., will be our keynote speaker. Joseph has 40 years of executive healthcare and life science management experience as the co-founder and CEO of five companies in medical technology, biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals. Avisa Pharma is a New Mexico-based startup created to commercialize breath test technology developed at UNM by Graham Timmins from the College of Pharmacy.

The following 63 UNM faculty, staff and students received issued U. S. patents within the past year. The university inventors run the gamut from first-time inventors to experienced inventors and include UNM professors, research professors, distinguished and Regents professors, professors emeriti, staff members, and postdoctoral students. The inventors represent departments and research/clinical centers across the main and health sciences campuses that reflect a strong level of collaboration. Several inventors are being honored for multiple issued patents.

Nalin I. Andersen, Ph.D.
Ladan Arissian, Ph.D.
Dorian C. Arnold, Ph.D.
Kateryna D. Artyushkova, Ph.D.
Plamen B. Atanassov, Ph.D.
Ganesh Balakrishnan, Ph.D.
Denis E. Bragin, Ph.D.
C. Jeffrey Brinker, Ph.D.
Steven R.J. Brueck, Ph.D.
Joseph L. Cecchi, Ph.D.
Bryce C. Chackerian, Ph.D.
Christos G. Christodoulou, Ph.D.
Joseph Costantine, Ph.D.
Abhaya K. Datye, Ph.D.
Jean-Claude Diels, Ph.D.
Bruce S. Edwards, Ph.D.
Jeremy S. Edwards, Ph.D.
Rafael Fierro, Ph.D.
Brandi C. Fink, Ph.D.
Mikhail I. Fuks, Ph.D.
Sang M. Han, Ph.D.
Mark Hauswald, Ph.D.
Majeed M. Hayat, Ph.D.
Mark K. Haynes, Ph.D.
Elizabeth L. Hedberg-Dirk, Ph.D.
Stephen D. Hersee, Ph.D.
Mani Hossein-Zadeh, Ph.D.
Laurie G. Hudson, Ph.D.
Ravinder K. Jain, Ph.D.
Ying-Bing Jiang, Ph.D.
Christopher C. Lamb, Ph.D.
Olga A. Lavrova, Ph.D.
Seung-Chang Lee, Ph.D.
Ke Jian (Jim) Liu, Ph.D.
Shuang (Sean) Luan, Ph.D.
Andrea A. Mammoli, Ph.D.
Erin D. Milligan, Ph.D.
Edwin M. Nemoto, Ph.D.
Alexander Neumann, Ph.D.
Jeffrey P. Norenberg, Pharm.D., Ph.D.
Tudor I. Oprea, Ph.D.
Marek A. Osinski, Ph.D.
Rong Pan, Ph.D.
David S. Peabody, Ph.D.
John B. Plumley, Ph.D.
Sudhakar Prasad, Ph.D.
Paul A. Rodriguez-Valderrama, Ph.D.
Wolfgang Rudolph, Ph.D.
Edl Schamiloglu, Ph.D.
Larry A. Sklar, Ph.D.
Gennady A. Smolyakov, Ph.D.
Randall Starling, Ph.D.
Zurab Surviladze, Ph.D.
Lydia E. Tapia, Ph.D.
Youssef A. Tawk, Ph.D.
Graham S. Timmins, Ph.D.
Alan E. Tomkinson, Ph.D.
Angela Wandinger-Ness, Ph.D.
Timothy L. Ward, Ph.D.
David G. Whitten, Ph.D.
Nathan J. Withers, Ph.D.
Haifeng Xiong, Ph.D.
Payman Zarkesh-Ha, Ph.D.