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UNM teams up with international researchers to study snowmelt

March 30, 2021 - by Maggie Branch

From the UNM Newsroom:

Right now, 99.7 percent of New Mexico is in a severe drought, 82.2 percent is in extreme drought and 53.4 percent is facing exceptional drought – all of which create considerable strain on local communities, agricultural efforts and wildlife. In the midst of these jaw-dropping numbers, unlocking future prospects could depend on analyzing snow and rain and how they are stored in New Mexico mountains.

A UNM faculty member will collaborate with international researchers on the Superior Council of Scientific Investigations (CSIC) funded project "Marginal Snowpacks: Characterizing and Developing Techniques for Monitoring and Modeling their Hydrological and Ecological Importance and Evolution under Climate Warming." Ryan Webb is a research assistant professor in the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering. His research focuses on how snow and rain produce streamflow, groundwater recharge and soil moisture storage in mountain environments.

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