Past Expos


Expo VI / 2020 Projects

*2020 in-person canceled due to COVID-19. Event moved online*

Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

Structural Design for Skypoint Orthopedic Center in Flagstaff, AZ
Team: Soamiya A. Chavez, Ruendy Castillo, Joaquin Martinez, Luis Noriega Danielle Uhl, Alex Walther

Utility-Scale Storage for Rapid Transition to Carbon-Free Renewable Energy
Team: Alissa Perea, John Bailey, Katherine Benavidez, Jordan Miller, Aaron Trujillo

Cool & Sustainable Sidewalks
Team: Amanda Baldridge, Angel Padilla, Edgar Hernandez, Matthew Ricks, Michael Suarez, Patience Raby

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Aqua Research | Remote Communications System for Water Disinfectant Tank
Team: David Kirby, Diego Chavez, John Quinlan

For Art's Sake
Team: Delaney Heileman, Zane Kominek, Irene de Gruijter, Joaquin Carretero Martinez

Relativistic Magnetron with a Magnetic Mirror
Team: Stacie Hernandez, Berdine

Mechanical Engineering

Solar Splash
Team: Siraj Sagga, Leena Aggad

Formula Society of Automotive Engineers - Electric Vehicle
Team: Aadesh Neel, Alejandro Ruiz, Brandon Lee, Cyrus Stephens, Joshua Atencio, Kendric Ortiz, Mike Chu, Nathan Hines, Seth Johannes, Zonglin Li

2019 Expo

Expo V / 2019


First place, Demonstration: Lobo Launch (ME)
First place, pitch: Solar-Powered Battery Charger (ECE)
Second place, pitch: Hydrogen Production from Potato Waste Using Cell-Free Synthetic Pathway Biotransformation (CBE) Third place, pitch: Small Modular Liquid Lead Cooled Reactor (NE)


First place, poster: Microfabrication of MEMS Electro-Thermal Actuators (interdisciplinary project)
Second place, poster: Deployed Thermal Micro-Reactor as an Alternative to Diesel Generators in Remote Locations (NE)
Third place, poster: Nuclear Space Power Reactor (NE)

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2018 Expo

Expo IV / 2018


1st: "Chemical Carbon Capture from Natural Gas Power Plant", CBE
2nd: "MEMS: A Step towards the miniaturized technical world", ME
3rd: "An advanced deep space & surface nuclear power production system", NE


1st: "Conversion of Cheese Whey to Biofuel by Ultrafiltration & ABE Fermentation", CBE
2nd (Tie): "Dealcoholization of Beer through Reverse Osmosis", CBE / "Fiber Interferometer as a Plasmic Diagnostic", ECE
3rd: "Advanced Robotics Applications for Engineering Education", ECE

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2017 Expo

Expo III / 2017


Top 4:

  1. "Biomass to biogas via anaerobic digestion of cow manure from dairy farms", CBE
  2. "Portable Neutron Knife (PNK) for Cancer Treatment", NE
  3. "Rio Bravo Bridge", CE
  4. "Smart Surgical Instruments-Bone Density Analysis", ECE

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2016 Expo

Expo II / 2016


1st: "PoWifi", ECE
2nd: "Low Enrichment, High-Flux Reactor for Moly-99 Medical Isotope Production", NE


1st: "Treatment of WasteWater for Reuse", CBE
2nd: "Internet of Things (IoT) Security System", ECE
3rd: "PoWifi", ECE

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2015 Expo

Expo I / 2015

No prizes awarded in 2015