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ECE/CHTM Prof., Post-Doc Featured in Electronics Letters

June 19, 2010

laserBecause of the high-quality optical beam and high power of VECSELs (vertical external-cavity surface-emitting lasers), they are emerging as one of the most technologically useful semiconductor lasers according to a full-page story in the June issue of the UK-based Electronics Letters. The journal features the work of a research team centered at UNM's Center for High Technology Materials.

In a cover-featured story titled "New High for Quantum Dot VECSELs," this peer-reviewed journal reports the UNM research team's demonstration of the first multi-watt quantum dot (QD) VECSEL to operate at long wavelength and high power. The article states that "this represents a significant step toward high power laser applications in display technology, telecommunications and circuits."

CHTM post-doc researcher Alexander Albrecht, working on a team that includes his group leader, ECE Professor Ganesh Balakrishnan and Physics and Astronomy Professor Kevin Malloy, made advances in design that improved thermal performance in QD VECSELS. These VECSELs provide light in a red wavelength, thus completing the red, green, and blue wavelengths needed for projectors and other visible-light display media. The team is now working on taking advantage of various QD properties that could enable their use in silicon photonics.

Besides Albrecht and Balakrishnan, the co-authors of the paper are T.J. Rotter, C.P. Hains, A. Stintz, and K.J. Malloy of CHTM and J.V. Moloney of the University of Arizona. The publisher offers a free PDF of the article here.

Albrecht specializes in designing and characterizating high-power VECSELs. His current research developing InAs QD VECSELs and VCSELs has resulted in some of the highest-power VECSELs based on InAs quantum dots. He is also in charge of several optical characterization laboratories at CHTM.

Electronics Letters, headquartered near London, publishes short original research papers about the latest developments in electronics and electrical-engineering related fields. It is published by the UK-based Institution of Engineering and Technology.