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Mechanical Engineering Professor Tariq Khraishi Builds a Professional Journal

June 25, 2010

tariqAssociate professor of Mechanical Engineer­ing Tariq Khraishi has been appointed as Editor in Chief of the “International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Multiscale Mechanics or IJTAMM.

IJTAMM is a new journal that just published its third issue.  A special feature of the journal is the honorary list of must-read papers from each issue selected by the editorial staff.  To view the journal visit:IJTAMM.

Khraishi says “IJTAMM is the only journal of its kind to actually focus on mechanics research that bridges the different length and time scales, from the pico or nano to the macro.  It spans contributions from theory, modeling and experiments.  Modern science and engineering challenges can only be met when true multi­scale studies are performed.”

The acceptable rate for the journal has so far been less than 50 percent, an unusual percentage for a new publication.  The journal is published by Inderscience, a company which publishes distinguished academic, scientific and professional journals.

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