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UNM Engineering Professor Tariq Khraishi Wins Teaching Award

March 29, 2011

tariqTariq Khraishi, associate professor of mechanical engineering at UNM, has received the 2011 ASEE Gulf-Southwestern Section Outstanding Teaching Award from the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) Gulf-Southwest Section. The award recognizes excellent teaching and mentoring, as well as curriculum innovation and support.

Khraishi joined the faculty at UNM in 2000. He teaches courses in solid mechanics, materials science, mechanical engineering design, manufacturing, dynamics, and sustainable energy use and production. His research interests include solid mechanics (computation and theory) in general, materials science and, in particular, structure-property relationships, defect and micromechanics of materials, finite-element modeling, superplasticity of materials, dislocation dynamics simulations, stresses in thin films (coherent and/or non-coherent interfaces) and critical thickness evaluation, fracture mechanics, biomechanics in general, experimental mechanics and materials science, and computational fluid mechanics (in particular in relation to modeling biological fluids like blood flow.)

Khraishi said, “I am grateful to the ASEE Gulf-Southwest Section for honoring me with this award. The people who have won it in years past were truly dedicated teachers. As much as I enjoy doing research, I personally enjoy this part of my job as it revolves around interaction with students, mentoring them, and preparing them through the curriculum for long and successful careers in engineering.”