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School of Engineering honors outstanding students, faculty and staff at annual awards ceremony

April 30, 2015 - By Kim Delker

The University of New Mexico School of Engineering is honoring its outstanding students, faculty and staff and its annual award luncheon on May 1.

Dean Joseph L. Cecchi will serve as master of ceremonies at the event. Awards will be given out at 10 a.m. the auditorium of the Centennial Engineering Center, then lunch will be served on the Centennial courtyard.

The following students, faculty and staff were honored:

Pre-Major Awards

Outstanding Freshman — Connie Li
Outstanding Sophomore — Maria Kelly
MEP Outstanding Leadership — Ty Dennison

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Outstanding Junior — Travis Jensen
Outstanding Senior — Lyndsay Stapleton
Outstanding Graduate Student — Angelica Benavidez

Civil Engineering

Outstanding Junior — Johanna Phillips
Outstanding Senior — Erika Hernandez
Outstanding Graduate Student — Natalia Sanabria Andino

Computer Science

Outstanding Junior — Marcos Lemus
Outstanding Senior — Benjamin Mixon-Baca
Outstanding Graduate Student — Mahnush Movahedi

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Outstanding Junior — Wesley Hutchins
Outstanding Senior — Regina Eckert
Outstanding Graduate Student — Saadat Ul Masabih

Mechanical Engineering

Outstanding Junior — Christopher DeGraw
Outstanding Senior — David Flores
Outstanding Graduate Student — Nima Fathi

Nuclear Engineering

Outstanding Junior — Daniel Timmons
Outstanding Senior — Emory Brown
Outstanding Graduate Student — Timothy Schriener

Staff Awards

Rebekah Lucero — Civil Engineering
Joel Straquadine — Center for High Technology Materials
Mary Rhodes — Chemical and Biological Engineering

Faculty Awards

Junior Faculty Teaching Excellence — Mark Russell
Senior Faculty Teaching Excellence — Jedidiah Crandall
Junior Faculty Research Excellence — Meeko Oishi
Senior Faculty Research Excellence — Gary Cooper
Harrison Faculty Recognition Award — Kerry Howe