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Cecchi named associate provost for national laboratory relations

October 14, 2015

In an effort to consolidate university efforts with the national laboratories, University of New Mexico Provost Chaouki Abdallah announced today that Dean of the School of Engineering Joseph Cecchi has been appointed as the new associate provost for national laboratory relations.

Cecchi's appointment reflects UNM's commitment to elevate the activities and visibility of these important relationships.

"In addition to being dean of engineering, Dr. Cecchi has taken on the role of advancing our partnership with the national laboratories, and will continue to do so as associate provost. I am grateful to have his dedication, knowledge and relationships that will ensure continued positive relations with these important entities in New Mexico. I am confident that this appointment will allow us to further develop our partnerships," said Abdallah.

Cecchi, a professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, served as dean of the School of Engineering from 2000-2009, and again from February 2014 to present. He has served as advisor to the provost and president for national laboratory relations since 2013, and the newly created position reflects the increasing activities with the laboratories and UNM collaboration without increasing the university’s financial commitment. These activities include a recent joint Sandia-UNM faculty appointment and increasing numbers of national laboratories professor appointments at UNM.

"New Mexico's national laboratories are incredible assets for our entire university. I look forward to working across campus to expand our interactions with the labs to provide increasing opportunities for all of our faculty and students," said Cecchi.

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