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School of Engineering to honor outstanding students, faculty and staff at annual awards ceremony

April 20, 2016 - By Kim Delker

he University of New Mexico School of Engineering is honoring its outstanding students, faculty and staff and its annual award luncheon on May 6.

Dean Joseph L. Cecchi will serve as master of ceremonies at the event. Awards will be given out at 11 a.m. the auditorium of the Centennial Engineering Center, then lunch will be served on the Centennial courtyard.

The following students, faculty and staff will be honored:

Pre-Major Awards
Outstanding Freshman — Fernando Miguel Parra
Outstanding Sophomore — Loic Djamen Tchapda
MEP Outstanding Leadership — Yvann Paulin Djamen

Chemical and Biological Engineering
Outstanding Junior — Julian Vigil
Outstanding Senior — Josefine McBrayer
Outstanding Graduate Student — Loreen Stromberg

Civil Engineering
Outstanding Junior — Brittany Antonczak
Outstanding Senior — James Fluke
Outstanding Graduate Student — Su Zhang

Computer Science
Outstanding Junior — Linh Tran
Outstanding Senior — Marcos Lemus
Outstanding Senior — Danny Adams
Outstanding Graduate Student — Kasra Manavi

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Outstanding Junior — Briana Wobbe
Outstanding Senior — Philip Vanevery
Outstanding Graduate Student — Patricio Cruz

Mechanical Engineering
Outstanding Junior — Niccoli N. Scalice
Outstanding Senior — Solji Shin
Outstanding Graduate Student — Mohammad Abir Hossain

Nuclear Engineering
Outstanding Junior — Colin Weaver
Outstanding Senior — Zackary Dodson
Outstanding Graduate Student — Joel Hughes

Staff Awards
Megan Morrison — Computer Science
Daniel Cosper — Computer Science
Charles Reuben — Electrical and Computer Engineering

Faculty Awards
Junior Faculty Teaching Excellence — Patrick Gage Kelley
Senior Faculty Teaching Excellence — Susan Bogus Halter
Junior Faculty Research Excellence — Daniel Feezell
Senior Faculty Research Excellence — Andrew Schuler
Harrison Faculty Recognition Award — Melanie Moses