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UNM collaborates with Sandia, other universities on research forums to begin Jan. 29

January 15, 2019 - By Kim Delker

A new collaborative series between Sandia National Laboratories and the New Mexico universities will feature research topics every six weeks and will begin on Jan. 29.

UNM/Sandia forums

The first New Mexico Research Spotlight Forum will be from 1-5 p.m. at the Lobo Rainforest, 101 Broadway Blvd. NE, Albuquerque. The topic will be on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Alex Roesler, lead for the autonomy for hypersonics (A4H) research initiative at Sandia National Laboratories, will present an overview of autonomy for hypersonics, and Tu-Thach Quach, R&D data science and applications at Sandia, will present a session on machine learning for national security applications.

Roesler’s talk will provide information on Sandia’s autonomy-related research, as well as the challenges in the A4H campaign. Quach will discuss several research areas where Sandia has successfully applied machine learning, including in remote sensing, target recognition and cybersecurity.

The purpose of the forums is to provide an overview of research and needs on specific topics to foster collaboration between Sandia National Laboratories and the state’s research laboratories: UNM, New Mexico State University and New Mexico Tech.

At each forum, a Sandia researcher will provide an overview of the topic, then faculty working in the area fill give brief presentations on the research they are doing in the area. Each event will conclude with a speed networking event where researchers can learn more about each other’s work and discuss collaborations.

Future dates for forums and tentative topics are listed below. A location for each forum will be announced closer to each event:

  • March 5: Engineering Mechanics and Dynamics
  • April 23: Quantum Information Sciences
  • June 4: Social Sciences and Decision Making
  • July 16: Resilient Infrastructure (SMART Grid)
  • Aug. 27: Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics
  • Oct. 8: Biomedical Engineering and Informatics

Those interested in attending the Jan. 29 session on artificial intelligence and machine learning can register at

For additional information, contact Natalie Pitcher, (505) 845-9676,