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Engineering staff win 4 of 6 of UNM Provost Committee for Staff awards

July 14, 2021 - Kim Delker

photo of the 4 provost staff award winners
Left to right: Heather Armstrong, Kimberly Delker, Bryan Stewart, JJ Conn

Staff from the School of Engineering won four out of five of the 2021 UNM Provost Committee for Staff awards.

Outstanding Staff awards went to:

  • Heather Armstrong, department administrator, Department of Computer Science
  • Kimberly Delker, marketing manager, School of Engineering
  • Bryan Stewart, systems administrator, Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

In addition, JJ Conn, senior academic advisor for the Department of Mechanical Engineering, won the Kindness Award.

Additional information about the Provost Committee for Staff Awards can be found on their website.