Mechanical Engineering Funds

Thank you for considering a gift to The University of New Mexico Department of Mechanical Engineering. Your gift today influences the future of our students, our communities, and our world.

Suggested Funds

Department of Mechanical Engineering Chair's Fund


ME chairman's fund

By providing discretionary resources to the Department of Mechanical Engineering, this fund helps maintain excellence.

  • Student programs, including senior design projects, Formula SAE, Lobo Launch, and Solar Splash
  • Recruitment strategies to ensure we attract New Mexico's best and brightest
  • Professional development funds for undergraduates
  • Recruiting and retaining top-notch faculty

Mechanical Engineering Permanent Scholarship Fund


ME permanent fund

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is launching a three-year drive to fundraise $300,000 in donations to create a new permanent endowment in perpetuity for mechanical engineering students.

FSAE Program Fund


fsae electric car fund

This three semester course allows aspiring engineers to design, manufacture, test and compete a formula style race car. Through the FSAE program, students grow to understand what to expect in real-world engineering.

Solar Splash



Your gift will allow the Solar Splash team to design and build a solar powered boat. The team is a collaborative effort between Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

Lobo Launch



Your gift will allow the Lobo Launch team to design, build and launch a rocket.