Dismissals and Petitions

Dismissal occurs when a student’s academic performance shows a decline in GPA, as a consequence of not successfully passing curriculum courses within three attempts, or as a consequence of exceeding 30 credits of courses with grades of D+, D, D-, F, or NC. Dismissal can occur without any prior probation status. Students can petition dismissal as described in the next section.

Being dismissed from UNM Engineering is a serious matter with a number of implications. If you have been dismissed, consider the following:

Implications of dismissal

  • Removal from Engineering courses in the following semesters
  • Removal from any Engineering courses during the summer term
  • Potential loss of scholarships and/or financial aid

Options if you’re dismissed

  • Take time off from school, evaluate academic/professional goals, focus on work
  • Change degree program to another major at The University of New Mexico that may be more compatible personally and academically
  • Petition your dismissal


If you have been suspended or dismissed you can submit a petition to the Academic Review Committee. Petitions must be completed online and submitted by the deadlines listed for the semester.

If your petition is approved, you will be allowed to continue within the School of Engineering for one semester. Approved petitions may come with mandatory conditions that you will need to agree to for reinstatement. These conditions will be documented using the “Acknowledgement Statement,” which is signed by the student and all members of the petition committee.

Petition Deadlines

Following Fall semester: Petitions are due the Wednesday prior to the start of the Spring. Please refer to your dismissal/suspension letter sent to your UNM email for specific dates.

Following Spring semester: Petitions are due two weeks prior to the start of the Fall semester. Please refer to your dismissal/suspension letter sent to your UNM email for specific dates.

*If you missed the deadline you will have to wait until the petition app reopens in April or December.

In order to petition you must:

  • Submit the online Petition Form with adherence to deadlines indicated
  • Submit any additional supporting documentation with your petition to further explain circumstance(s)

After your petition is submitted:

  • The Academic Review Committee will review following the submission deadline and a decision letter will be sent via electronic mail to your UNM email account.
  • If approved, you must meet with your department academic advisor to complete the reinstatement process and Acknowledgment Statement
  • If denied, you will need to move to another degree granting department or take further recommended action as outlined in your letter