Incoming Students

Register for New Student Orientation

This is an exciting time as you enter UNM Engineering. Whether you are an incoming freshman or transfer student, New Student Orientation (NSO) will provide you with a lot of valuable information for your successful transition into UNM.

Register for New Student Orientation

What to expect

NSO will focus on:

  • The academic advising process, course selection, registration, and the support provided by engineering advisors and staff
  • Learning about UNM Engineering’s opportunities to engage in pre-professional experiences and resources to attain them
  • Additional topics covered throughout the university program to provide you with a successful transition into UNM

What do I bring to advising during orientation?

Copies of all test score reports. Sometimes your newest AP or SAT/ACT scores are not yet in our system. You will need copies of these to prove you have the prerequisites for certain courses. Note: We will not register you for classes for which you do not have the necessary documentation.

For Example, if you have AP scores that qualify you for Math 162 (Calculus I) but these scores are not in our system and you don’t have a copy of the scores with you, we must register you for a lower math course and you will need to visit us again to change your schedule.

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