Engineering Advisement for Diversity and Inclusion

EADI was created in the wake of the senseless and tragic events that were witnessed in America during the summer of 2020. The killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and many others, along with the demonstrations and calls for justice, left us outraged, distraught, and mortified. As academic professionals who pride ourselves on supporting students during their journey within Higher Education, we believe more is needed to be done to address the inequities that exist in our space and around us daily.

EADI seeks to build an inclusive space for students who may struggle with their identity within the engineering discipline. We want to encourage and promote each individual through scholarship and create a welcoming environment where black students, students of color, and underrepresented communities feel free to enroll, participate, thrive and receive adequate support as their authentic self, without fear of lack of representation or acceptance.

Furthermore, we advocate for our faculty and staff colleagues, as we seek to build a workplace that is more representative of our world, a UNM School of Engineering with faculty and staff more representative of black, people of color, and other underrepresented communities.

We understand that true allyship is an active and continuous practice and that solidarity means very little without action. Our action will aim to address inequity within the School of Engineering. We look to achieve this by promoting the recruitment and retention of black, people of color, and underrepresented students, faculty, and staff through strategic events that bring awareness to diversity in engineering.

Beyond hashtags, we believe Black Lives Matter. We will promote, celebrate, and provide opportunities specifically to marginalized students who attend the School of Engineering at UNM.

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Empowerment Symposium: Fueling Identity in Engineering

Presented by Engineering Advisement for Diversity and Inclusion

September 30 & October 1

STAMM Commons

The EADI group presents a 2-day event for the School of Engineering focusing on our diversity amongst our peers, empowering Engineers to embrace our truths and shared experiences, and increasing a sense of belonging while promoting growth.

Thursday: Self-Identifying Activities

2:30pm: Welcome
2:40pm: Keynote: Ireena Erteza
3:25pm: Social Identity Wheel – Inclusive Teaching Activity
4:00pm: Closing

Friday: My Story, View, and Experience

2:00pm: Day 1 Recap
2:15pm: Student & Professional Panel
3:00pm: Open Forum/Town Hall Discussion

Event Forms/Resources

Download "I am from" poem (pdf)